Some of the world's leading companies and strongest brand names count on the advantages of teaming with IMS Nonwoven

IMS Nonwoven does not only have the edge, but also the ability to put this edge into practice in every given moment

Our leading position in flame protected nonwoven has been a result of working closely with value chain partners and customers

A new company with almost 50 years of experience

Our products

Customer insight, experience, human ingenuity, craftsmanship and resourcefulness are evident in our products, they simply perform.

While we have many standard products ready for evaluation, we can develop proprietary materials to meet specific needs and exact specifications. Our team has an extensive knowledge of nonwoven materials and their specific advantages in term of product features, performance, and how they fit into customers’ processes.

In automotives, and other applications, flame retardant nonwoven play a vital role to create the most effective fire barrier possible. Our leading position in flame protected nonwoven has been a result of working closely with value chain partners and customers. Further, the materials are consistent and designed to meet high test requirements such as vertical tests and UL94 all the time.


The spunlace technique is applied to carded webs and uses fine, high pressure jets of water to cause the fibres to interlace. Our Spunlace lines produce mainly nonwoven materials for the automotive industry, yet the material is excellent for other applications because it provides a wide variety of aesthetically pleasing effects including softness, durability and a close similarity to textiles.

The products range in weight from 25 g/m2 to 100 g/m2. The materials have a high content of fibres. The spunlace production line is in line with a full-impregnation unit, which allows the production of chemically treated nonwovens (such as oil/water-repellence, flame retardancy, etc) with good material properties (high tensile strength and good elongation).

Chemical bonding

Chemical bonding mainly refers to the application of a liquid based bonding agent to the web. IMS Nonwoven produces mainly nonwoven materials for medical and hygiene applications produced in this way.

They range in weight between 20 g/m2 to approximately 100 g/m2. The manufacturing technique enables the production of chemically treated nonwoven materials (such as oil/water-repellence, flame retardancy, etc).

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Short about IMS Nonwoven

IMS Nonwoven AB develops and produces high quality nonwoven solutions for several competitive markets such as Automotive, Medical, Hygiene and Technical.

Located in Ystad, southern coast of Sweden, IMS Nonwoven is committed to provide innovative solutions with distinct measurable benefits that enable our customers to stay one step ahead.