Some of the world's leading companies and strongest brand names count on the advantages of teaming with IMS Nonwoven

IMS Nonwoven does not only have the edge, but also the ability to put this edge into practice in every given moment

Our leading position in flame protected nonwoven has been a result of working closely with value chain partners and customers

A new company with almost 50 years of experience


Nature doesn't like vacuum very much, neither do we.

By introducing new products and reshaping existing ones, we create new markets and growth opportunities. IMS Nonwoven does not only have the edge, but also the ability to put this edge into practice in every given moment.

Our in-house laboratory with pilot production line and testing facilities offer a wide range of possibilities for product development.

The true significance of any development will depend on the final verdict; the scope of market acceptance and satisfaction. IMS Nonwoven recognises the importance of core competencies equipped with passion, industry knowledge and commercial awareness. Success, maybe even survival, depends on having people who can consistently and deliberately think about problems and develop new ways to address them.

We are proud of our talented employees, and the contributions of our cross-functional development teams. With a customer-oriented strategy for product development we always strive to discover more ingenious ways to engineer materials and improving their economics in terms of structural components.

Issues concerning waste management, renewable raw materials and recycling are given high priority and integrated into our development activities.

Demand is the catalyst for change; yet, you cannot stand in one place and see the entire sky. Committed to meet and exceed customer expectations we work in close co-operation with science based companies, universities and along the value chain to discover and explore novel technologies.

Like a perpetual motion machine that must remain moving for energy, IMS Nonwoven is destined to continuously make significant efforts in the development of new solutions and translate it into customer value.

Short about IMS Nonwoven

IMS Nonwoven AB develops and produces high quality nonwoven solutions for several competitive markets such as Automotive, Medical, Hygiene and Technical.

Located in Ystad, southern coast of Sweden, IMS Nonwoven is committed to provide innovative solutions with distinct measurable benefits that enable our customers to stay one step ahead.